Recent Results

The following are a sampling of some of our recent results from some of our severely injured clients. Of course, every case is unique and past results are never a guarantee of future recoveries. Our goal is to get you or your family fair and honest results.

$6,000,000 Trucking Collision with Dominant-Arm Amputation (2018)
$4,500,000 Trucking Collision with Below-the-Knee Leg Amputation (2014)
$2,750,000 Motorcycle Collision with Permanent Hip and Right Arm Injuries (2014)
$2,400,000 Motorcycle Collision with Permanent Leg, Shoulder and Back Injuries (2011)
$1,600,000 Motorcycle Accident with Severe Leg, Arm and Testicular Injury (2012)
$1,560,000 Motor Vehicle Collision with Serious Internal Injuries (2011)
$1,450,000 Wrongful Death (2015)
$1,390,000 Defective Road Design Resulting in Wrongful Death (2012)
$1,230,000 Dram Shop Claim Resulting in Wrongful Death (2012)
$1,140,000 Motorcycle Collision with Facial, Wrist and Arm Fractures (2009)
$1,100,000 Motorcycle Collision Resulting in Wrongful Death (2012)
$1,100,000 Motorcycle Collision with Severe Arm, Hand and Leg Injuries (2008)
$1,030,000 Motorcycle Accident with Serious Shoulder and Leg Injuries (2006)
$1,000,000 Motorcycle Collision with Multiple Surgeries (2016)
$1,000,000 Wrongful Death on a Motorcycle (2015)
$1,000,000 Motorcycle Collision Resulting in Fractured Hand and Legs (2012)
$800,000 Motorcycle Collision with Multiple Pelvic and Arm Fractures (2010)
$650,000 Motorcycle Incident Resulting in Facial Injury (2007)
$750,000 Legal Malpractice (2007)
$600,000 Motorcycle Collision with Serious Back and Foot Injuries (2012)
$500,000 Severe Burns from BBQ Explosion (2008)
$300,000 Motorcycle Injury Requiring Leg Surgery (2011)
$200,000 Ankle Injury Requiring Surgery (2015)

Real People. Real Results.

The numbers above may tell you part of the story, but they don’t tell you the whole story—stories which involve real people facing serious problems—and our dedicated and creative approach to helping them.

Jennifer’s Story

The $1,560,000 settlement referenced above relates to a serious motor vehicle collision that nearly took Jennifer’s life and injured members of her family. Consider what was said about the case and about one of our attorneys:

I am a tax professor in Chicago. In September 2010, my son, his wife, and two children were injured in a car collision in Arizona. I immediately flew to my son to help the family and retain counsel. My son and I met with Geoff Trachtenberg’s firm and when the meeting was over, my son advised me he wanted to retain his law firm to represent him. My son was impressed with his firm’s genuine concern for the family and the gentle, but thorough, explanation of the process. I am familiar with many personal injury attorneys in Chicago and so I knew my son made the right decision.

Since that first meeting, Geoff’s firm continually kept us informed of the status of the case. He promptly and thoroughly responded to our frequent questions and concerns. Just thirteen months after the accident, he negotiated a settlement that was over $1.5 million for the family. No other attorney could have obtained a better result for my son’s family.

If you want professional, aggressive, compassionate, outstanding representation for your personal injury claim, I highly recommend you retain Geoff’s law firm.

Christopher’s Story

Christopher’s story is heartbreaking and is also referenced-above as the $1,230,000 wrongful death settlement. In this case, Christopher and his beautiful wife were riding their motorcycles home after enjoying a meal together just before their 7th wedding anniversary. They were stopped at an intersection when his wife was suddenly struck and killed by a drunk driver. Such a tragedy is difficult to comprehend, but for Christopher—a veteran who has just returned home from serving our country overseas—losing his young wife also meant explaining to his young daughter that she would not be seeing her mother ever again.

This drunk driver was, as is often the case, woefully underinsured, and there was only a small settlement available from the drunk driver’s own insurance policy. After carefully evaluating the evidence, our firm was able to put together an innovative case against the drinking establishments that served the drunk driver and, after considerable effort, we obtained an additional settlement that was described in court as “impressive.”

But even before the case was over, Christopher wrote the following about our team:

I worked with Mr. Trachtenberg on a case involving my wife’s wrongful death while on her motorcycle. He and his team kept me informed of every step involved in this long and tedious process. Although his attorneys’ fees seemed a bit steep when I was first informed of them, after seeing what he does and how much effort he and his team put into my case, it is well worth the money. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and his team.

Your Story

If you or a family member are truly injured, your story is just beginning.

You will face many challenges, both financial and emotional, and you should not walk the path to recovery on your own. Indeed, many first-time clients are often surprised to learn that, because of complex lien, subrogation and recoupment rights of health care providers and insurers, “keeping the money” is often as big a challenge as “getting the money.”

You can learn more about this here: Hospitals Go After Accident Victims’ Settlement Money.