Q&A: Should we get a lawyer now if we have issues with the insurance company or the other driver who was responsible?


My boyfriend is currently in the ER of the local hospital after an auto accident. He was in a chevy suburban, I’m not sure what the other vehicle was but our vehicle has very little damage and the other’s entire trunk was crumpled. My boyfriend is now complaining of pain in his wrist, shoulder, back and neck. My boyfriend says she turned right in front of him into his lane when she had a red light and then stopped right in front of him and he would up running into the back end of her vehicle. I know it’s likely we’ll have issues getting his medical care completely paid for but should we get legal help before or after we start having issues?


YES, without a doubt. Get a lawyer now to help with everything. Often they can head off problems before they arise and prevent certain minor issues from becoming major issues. While I am happy to assist your boyfriend, please do contact someone reputable.

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