Q&A: I was involved in a rear end car accident, I was the driver, my car was hit from behind, can I settle with out a lawyer?


I believe I got whiplash, have constant headaches, and lower back pain.


Don’t do it. The insurance company and their adjustor want you to settle without a lawyer. That way they can pay less to you and get away with not paying for all of your damages.

Hiring a respected lawyer does not cost you anything and typically results in you getting more than you could without a lawyer. My firm, for example, will not accept the case if we cannot do better (on a net basis) for the client than they could do on their own — and I am sure most other reputable lawyers here would have the same approach.

So please speak with someone and do not try to handle this on your own since many people, like myself, are less likely to accept a case in that situation because clients can unknowingly make it harder or impossible for me to be effective once they have made statements or representations to the insurer without my involvement. Good luck.

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