Q&A: I hired an attorney for a Wrongful Death, Personal Injury and car accident. my Mother was killed in the accident.

Wrongful death has been settled by the insurance company.Insurance pd 100g. But I believe there might have been more defendants if the case got lookede at properly. This accident is over 2yrs old. I feel like I have been left out of the loop hole with my attorney because all I know is there was no umbrella policy and the kid who hit my Parents head on had no assets My father was severely injured and sustained many injuries that caused his forced retirement and physical disabilities. He spent very close to 5 weeks in a coma fighting for his life.95% of his right side broken, enternal injuries many. I ended up taking care of my now 17 yr old sister and still doing so at this time because my father is incapable of doing so. My parents had underinsured coverage which kicked in,

Based on what you have said, it is impossible to say what additional claims you have or may have had. Among other things, there could be legal malpractice against the attorney who handled it for not tapping additional assets or investigating additional insurance. Of course, the time is important because the statute of limitations applies to when you knew or “should have known” about potential claims.

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