Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If You’ve Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident In the Newport Beach, California Area, Call Levenbaum Trachtenberg Now.

Newport Beach is full of driver distractions, and consequently, has a high rate of motorcycle accidents.

The Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Levenbaum Trachtenberg understand that the Newport Beach, California roadways are not simple to navigate: The Newport area is full of roadway challenges which are significantly more dangerous to motorcyclists than to drivers of automobiles. First, Newport Beach traffic is like Los Angeles traffic – heavy and frequent. This kind of bumper to bumper traffic on the small roads and surface streets is what leads to tight schedules, which leads to red light runners and dangerous conditions for motorcyclists. Add in unusual weather, fog, rain, and as a motorcyclist, you’ve got to be careful out there to avoid motorcycle accidents.

What To Do When Involved in a Motorcycle Accident in Newport Beach

Your primary concern should be to be sure that no one is injured or in danger. Call the paramedics to evaluate medical conditions, and call the police to be sure a legitimate accident report is generated. Once everything is calm, be sure to collect as much information as you can and capture pictures and video of the scene of the accident.

Next, contact the Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident experts at Levenbaum Trachtenberg. An experienced Motorcycle Lawyer knows how to handle your case and get you the care you need. Don’t settle for a less-experienced, less-qualified motorcycle attorney, as there are too many risks in allowing your case to be handled by a motorcycle attorney who lacks experience and understanding. The motorcycle attorneys at Levenbaum Trachtenberg are all too familiar with the challenges and discrimination Motorcyclists face, both on the road and in general. Our motorcycle crash specialists are riders themselves, and have an exact understanding of the specifics of motorcycle riding and motorcycle accidents. Of course, our expert team will go to great lengths to win your case, including calling in experts, witnesses, and even engineers, to defend your case. Remember, our ultimate goal is to recover the settlement you deserve, and our take-no-prisoners attitude is evident at every step. We want happy clients.

What will The Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Levenbaum Trachtenberg Do For Your Case?

Our Newport Beach-based motorcycle accident attorneys will gather your accident details. We will then contact the insurance companies involved to better understand coverage limits and specifics. We may talk to the other parties involved, visit the scene of the accident to capture accurate data, or call witnesses or experts. We won’t stop until we achieve a fair and just settlement.

Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Attorney?

We think you do, and we recommend that you call us immediately. There are lots of lawyers out there, some of whom understand motorcycle law, and some who don’t. Why not talk to the expert team at Levenbaum Trachtenberg who are familiar with Newport Beach, California, and its specifics? Get peace of mind and an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at the same time. Regardless, many potential clients are hesitant to hire a Motorcycle Lawyer. Some reasons include:

  • They think it costs too much money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t charge anything up front. In fact, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help our clients assess their case and better understand their options. And if we agree to work together, we still won’t charge our clients until we secure a fair and just settlement for them.
  • They think they can settle on their own. While a client may think they can secure a fair settlement on their own, the truth is that most clients lack the experience to properly evaluate their situation, and therefore, fail to secure a fair and adequate settlement from the parties involved. The Levenbaum Trachtenberg Motorcycle Accident Lawyers understand Los Angeles and California law, and know what it takes to get the maximum win from those involved in the case. We won’t stop until the case is won. And if we don’t win, you pay nothing.

Levenbaum Trachtenberg’s Newport Beach Motorcycle Lawyers have represented victims of Motorcycle Accidents throughout California for over 30 years

The expert Motorcycle Attorneys at Levenbaum Trachtenberg’s Newport Beach office offer comprehensive skills and experience to serve motorcycle accident victims throughout Newport and the great state of California. We are experts with motorcycle injuries and accidents, and can help you regardless of the fault, or causation, and even if the accident involves personal injury or property damage. We are quite proud of our enviable case settlement performance, which we believe is directly related to giving our clients the attention they deserve, including explaining the numerous legal options available to them, as well as rights & responsibilities.

Call The Levenbaum Trachtenberg Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident Experts at (949) 717-7709, or fill out our simple consult form today for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your motorcycle accident case. Let us help you find a California motorcycle injury lawyer who can help.