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Warm-climate states like California Attract Many Motorcyclists

As part of the western region of the United States, San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, CA offer a pleasant, sunny climate most of the year, and as a result, many motorcyclists are riding all year long. Motorcycles are a great transportation choice for the daily commute, or for pleasure travel. Unfortunately, along with an increase in the number of motorcycles on the road each year, comes a higher risk of motorcycle accidents. This is why you need to call a qualified Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer when you need help.

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Many times, accidents on your motorcycle are linked to some form of driver negligence. Examples can include excess speed, careless lane changes, or not paying attention to traffic signals or signs. Perhaps the other drive was not fully alert, or didn’t understand the potential risks and lie ahead. Even worse, alcohol or drugs may play a role in causing motorcycle crashes.

There are many other motorcycle accident causation factors that are common in big cities such as Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, including extreme traffic congestion, poor weather conditions such as fog or rain, and road closures.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers handle various legal cases resulting from Motorcycle Accidents Crashes in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

Personal Injury is a frequent result of Motorcycle Accidents, and many times requires the need for medical care or even hospitalization. As a result, injured motorcyclists may have to take time off work and experience a loss of income during their recovery. A personal injury lawyer who is skilled with motorcycle injury law can help.

Property Damage may include damage to the motorcycle, other vehicles or any physical property involved in the Motorcycle Crash.

Traumatic brain injury and wrongful death can result from a catastrophic Motorcycle Accident sometimes involving several vehicles, a head-on collision with an automobile, a motorcycle going off the road and down an embankment, or sometimes because the motorcyclist failed to wear the necessary protective gear. Severe injuries occur because motorcycles are not equipped with the safety features that are standard on other passenger vehicles. Without the protective metal frame, safety belts, and airbags that ensure the safety of occupants of passenger cars, motorcyclists are prone to suffering severe internal, brain, and spinal cord injuries when involved in an accident. These catastrophic injuries can end up costing thousands of dollars in medical bills that may create a financial hardship for those motorcyclists that have lost time off work and experienced a loss of income.

Defective products can sometimes be attributed to the cause of some motorcycle accidents. If the motorcycle had a defect in parts or workmanship and was not detected prior to the accident, it may be determined after investigation as a possible causation factor.

If drunk driving or drug impairment is a factor in an accident, there may be additional DUI or Criminal charges filed

Seek assistance from a California-based Motorcycle Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many contributing factors which can make it very difficult to determine causation, responsible party and damages involved with motorcycle accidents. The period of time that follows a motorcycle accident is stressful which can make it very difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand, while focusing on your emotional and physical recovery. It is recommended that you seek assistance from experienced motorcycle accident and personal injury attorneys, such as Levenbaum Trachtenberg. They may perform analysis at the scene of the accident to identify causation and many times can determine the speed and skid factors as part of their efforts to build your case. Let them assist you with handling the various details such as motorcycle repair, rental vehicle, coordinating medical services with appropriate providers, negotiating delayed payment of medical bills until case has been settled, interfacing with insurance adjusters, and comprehensive representation to ensure that you are fully and fairly compensated and protect you from experiencing insurance bad faith.

Levenbaum Trachtenberg have represented victims of Motorcycle Accidents throughout California for over 30 years

The professional team at Levenbaum Trachtenberg offers a combined experience and knowledge base that serves victims of motorcycle accidents throughout Arizona, California, and Utah. We specialize in providing aggressive and comprehensive representation to all victims of motorcycle collisions, regardless of the potential fault, causation factor or whether the accident involves personal injury or property damage. We take pride in compassionately giving our clients the time needed to discuss their case in detail, including their various legal options, their legal rights and responsibilities, and we recommend the appropriate legal actions to pursue. You will be able to ask questions about your case and receive personal and thorough answers and legal advice. Our goal is to get the results you deserve!

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