Levenbaum Trachtenberg Secures $1 Million Settlement

GOODYEAR, AZ – Two west Valley bars are entering an agreement to pay out a total of $1 million after a man who was drinking at the establishments was involved in a deadly crash.

Alisha Trejo died in October of 2010 when she was hit while on her motorcycle near the intersection of Indian School and Citrus in Goodyear.
“She found joy in everything,” said her husband Christopher. “It really isn’t about the money. It’s about holding responsible people accountable and the only way to do that in this society is with money.”

Trejo’s attorney Geoffrey Trachtenberg said that getting bars and restaurants held accountable in these types of cases can be very difficult. He said often times it is hard to get the testimony from people who were at a bar who can account for when a bartender is serving people who are clearly intoxicated.

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Geoff Trachtenberg is a partner at Levenbaum Trachtenberg, a personal injury law firm located in Arizona, California, and Utah. You can find him on and Avvo discussing law and helping people with their legal needs.