Geoffrey Trachtenberg join’s the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education as a Next Generation Fellow

The State Bar of Arizona created the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education as a separate 501(c) 3 organization in 1978, charging it with the mission of promoting access to justice for all Arizonans. The Foundation strives to fulfill this mission by preparing Arizona youth for civic responsibility and providing access to justice for Arizonan′s most in need. This work is only accomplished by leveraging support of our Fellows with other donations, grants, and contracts. The Fellows program allows the Foundation to more than triple the impact to the community.

In 2010, the Foundation Board implemented the “Next Generation” Fellow program allowing attorneys and non-attorneys to join together to support the ongoing mission of promoting access to justice and assist in forging new initiatives that offer greater opportunity for the public to obtain legal resources and information they need while saving our legal aid grantees time and money. The next generation of the Foundation includes stronger partnerships, greater use of technology, and, with the help of our Fellows, the ability to increase legal aid and civic education available throughout Arizona.

The long established Fellows program remains as a core standing and each level of contribution is recognized through the three-decade-established categories. The Next Generation Fellows initiative stands on this solid base and reaches out to recognize those individuals who have been committed to access to justice and are now taking a stand to assure that all Arizonans have the legal help and knowledge needed in times of crisis and to enable them to be empowered citizens.