Dog Bites

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Dog bites are extremely common in the U.S., injuring hundreds of thousands of people each year. According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics, the average American has a one in fifty chance every year of being injured in a dog attack. Although attacks by pit bulls, Rottweilers, and other aggressive breeds are most frequently reported in the news, even the most good-natured dog can attack without provocation. If you have been injured in a dog attack, call the expert dog bite attorneys at Levenbaum & Cohen today to discuss your legal options.

Dog bite injuries can be severe, causing physical pain, emotional suffering, and permanent scarring. Dog attack victims may sustain puncture wounds to the face, neck, and arms, often requiring repeated cosmetic surgery procedures, such as skin grafts and microsurgical repair. Dog attack victims may also suffer total or partial loss of limb function and extensive nerve damage. And in the most vicious dog attacks, death may result.

Our Dog Bite Injury Lawyers Can Help

In dog bite cases, it is imperative to act quickly to preserve evidence, document injuries, and identify the attacking dog and its owner. The experienced dog bite injury lawyers at Levenbaum & Cohen can dispatch an investigator to the scene of the attack in order to take statements from witnesses and photograph your injuries and the location of the attack. Let the skilled dog attack attorneys at Levenbaum Trachtenberg put our extensive experience and resources to work for you in order to achieve the best possible outcome in your dog bite injury case.

You need a dog bite injury attorney who has been successful and will get you the settlement you deserve.