New Tool Addresses Third-Party Claims to Client Funds

View the original article as seen in the January, 2014 issue of Arizona Attorney magazine. It’s a story that many lawyers know. Your personal injury case has finally settled, and the money is in your trust account to be dis- bursed. The client, who has been anxiously awaiting the
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LT Prevails in the Court of Appeals Against “Medical Lien” Company Violating State and Federal Law

LT received a favorable decision yesterday from Division One in Puch v. Key Health Medical Solutions. The case represents a years-long battle on behalf of an indigent client who was being ruthlessly and unlawfully pursued by “Key Health Medical Solutions,” a company that b
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LT’s Michael Magee files $6 Million Claim against City for Injuring Biker

Courtesy of The Coolidge Examiner The city of Coolidge has received a notice of claim for $6 million following an April collision involving a city vehicle that left a motorcyclist with reportedly serious injuries. The claim was filed on Sept 19. Pursuant to A.R.S. §12-821.01, a person
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LT’s Mike Magee Establishes a 1-Year Statute of Limitations, Defeats ERISA Reimbursement Claim

In Blood Systems, Inc. v. Roesler, et. al., the Arizona Federal District Court ruled in favor of both the plan beneficiaries and their law firm in this ERISA Reimbursement Action. The personal injury case settled and the ERISA plan sued the beneficiaries for medical bills, also suing
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Supreme Court Adopts Trachtenberg Rule Change Petition to Modify Rules Relating to Liens and Subrogation

By Patricia Sallen, Director of Special Services & Ethics/Deputy General Counsel September 3, 2013 The Arizona Supreme Court has significantly amended two Ethical Rules, effective Jan. 1, in ways that ameliorate stumbling blocks for many lawyers. One rule amendment involves only a
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Supreme Court Grants Petition by Geoffrey Trachtenberg to Adopt a New Rule Protecting Clients from Illegitimate Liens

Today the Arizona Supreme Court granted a Petition by Geoffrey Trachtenberg, on behalf of the Arizona Association for Justice, to completely revamp Ethical Rule 1.15 as of January 1, 2014. The existing rule imposes harsh consequences on clients when third-parties claim interests to fu
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