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Automobile accidents result from a variety of contributing factors, but the majority of motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver negligence. In fact, negligent driver behavior—such as speeding, using a mobile phone or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol—is the cause of the vast majority of automobile accidents, often resulting in injuries or death.

Automobile injuries can be debilitating, often wrecking as much havoc on a victim’s family, work and finances in addition to their health. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, no matter what the cause, you should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options as well as seek out professional and experienced auto accident injury lawyers.

Of course, nothing compares with having negligently lost a loved one, which is typically called wrongful death. Wrongful death cases, whether as a result of an automobile accident or some other cause, are often as complex as they are devastating.

Whether you have been seriously injured in an automobile accident or lost someone as a victim of a wrongful death, we can help you. Indeed, our team will often see what others miss which, in many cases, makes all the difference.

Only the most experienced auto accident lawyers can get the results you need.